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Christmas Quest 3: Santa's Little Help Desk

Point and Click / Adventure (2007)

The third and final installment of Adventure Gamers' seasonal "Christmas Quest" series. Again you have to help the boy called Dork, so he can finally play "The Best Adventure Game Ever". His computer broke down on the end of "Christmas Quest 2" and now he have to deal with technical hotlines...


Logic/Puzzle / Arcade (2008)

SubTerra is an exciting puzzle game requiring a good mixture of reflex action and thoughtful planning. The premise is simple: grab the gems and head for the exit. Complications include traps, duplicators, moving blocks, conveyor belts and monsters, and the evil Skull of Doom! It is basically a...

Attack of the Paper Zombies

Real Time Strategy (2010)

Attack of the Paper Zombies is a real-strategy game. The goal in each mission is to defeat hordes of zombies and destroy their respawning hives, so that the whole playfield (represented by sheet of paper) would be completely clear. At your disposal you have several armed marines (whose weapons...


Logic/Puzzle (2010)

Cardagain is a card memory game. The goal is to memorize the position of cards and also the order in which they are flipped and repeat this sequence. Each couple of tries more cards are added and the old ones switch positions, so the pattern not only becomes more complex, but is never the same...

NeonPlat Adventures

Platform / Sidescroller / Action (2011)

NeonPlat Adventures is a platform game featuring PlatDude, character known from earlier jayenkai's games. NeonPlat Adventures includes Calendar system. When you first run the game you can choose present day or any day from the past (but never one from the future) and you will play a set of...

Area 2048

Shoot'em Up (2004)

Area 2048 is an arena shooter with vector-based graphics. The goal is to destroy all enemy waves within the time of 30 minutes. If you lose all lives or won't make it on time - it's game over. Game is divided into 50 stages with every tenth one being a boss stage. There are no additional...

Crossword Puzzle Premium

Logic/Puzzle (2006)

Game contains five levels and goal in each is to beat the computer opponent. To do that you must build the tower from food cans, but the tower must be stable (i.e. cans' numbers must progressively increase from the top to the bottom of tower) - if you achieve this before computer does, you get...

Ostrich Runner


Ostrich Runner is a racing, or better to say - running, game, where you control an ostrich. The introduction story tells about a planet populated by peaceful ostriches which one day becomes the subject of the mischievous plot by evil Professor Kosmoglux. He decides to steal all the unhatched...


Platform (2003)

Tux and Penny were out having a nice picnic on the ice fields of Antarctica. Suddenly, a creature jumped from behind an ice bush, there was a flash, and Tux fell asleep! When Tux wakes up, he finds that Penny is missing. Where she lay before now lies a letter. "Tux, my arch enemy!" says the...

Building Panic

Platform / Logic/Puzzle / Board / Card game (2001)

It is hard to put this game in particular genres. It is the classic board game of Othello played by putting wallpaper up on a scaffolding. The game is not turnbased, but has a hectic pace and lots of fun. It gets hard pretty fast, and you will find yourself hammering away on your keyboard to try...

3D Bubble Bobble

Platform / 3D Action (2003)

Pater Alf's description: "I think I don't have to lose many words about one of my all-time-favourites "Bubble Bobble". You play the two little dragons Bub and Bob and guide them on their journey through the cave of monsters. So you jump over the platforms, catch all the monsters in bubbles and...

Gateway 1

Point and Click / Adventure (1992)

eMTe's description According to various sources this classic was released freeware. Not much to say except that it is one of the best LE games made ever - those who love Legend know it for sure.

Dink Smallwood

RPG (1997)

Dink Smallwood is a pig farmer who wishes to become a great warrior. The game takes you through lots of different screens, and lots of different actions and missions. The game might not be huge, but it is big enough for you to use a good many hours on completing it. Dink Smallwood was...


1st Person Shooter (2001)

Cube is actually not a game as such, but more of an engine for other people to build games on. A first person version is included in the game, but the real gem lies in the multiplayer option. A widely known freeware firstperson shooter like Cube does attract some attention, and there are...


Arcade / Remake (2004)

This is the remake of a popular Spanish 8-bit game (which was rather unknown outside of Spain). You play the role of Humphrey an alien superstar who wants to settle down in his brand new mansion. But unfortunately he has to recognize that all the rooms of the mansion are painted in the wrong...



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