4D Prince of Persia (1994)

by Kirill Terebilov

"Prince of Persia" was without any doubt one of the most popular platform games in the early 90s (maybe of all times). You take the role of a young prince who was thrown into jail by the evil vizier Jaffar who wants to get on the throne himself while the sultan is away. So he captures the young princess and forces her to marry him. And you have only 60 minutes left to save the love of your life...

The game was mostly that popular because of the great animations (developer Jordan Mechner used a process called rotoscoping, in which he studied many hours of film of his younger brother David running and jumping in white clothes, to ensure that all the movements looked just right), the clever level design and the fact that the game is in real time, so you have to explore and solve the levels very quickly to succeed.

"4D Prince of Persia" is a fan game made by Kirill Terebilov. The developer left everything of the original game untouched (graphics, animations, controls, sounds), but created a great new level design which makes the game much harder.
So if you ever played "Prince of Persia" and thought "Well, what a wonderful game, but it is much too easy. It would be great if they would double the difficulty..." then you are a happy person now ;).

Be sure that if you liked the original game, than you will love "4D Prince of Persia" as well...


There's a bug in original version of the game preventing advance to level 11. Download patch and replace file kirill.dat in your game folder to solve the problem. Big thanks to JKSM for pointing to this issue.



  • Game license: Freeware
  • Game hunter: Pater Alf
  • Game proposer: Chroelle
  • Download count: 2893
  • Platforms:
    • DOS
    • Windows 95
    • Windows 98
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000
    • DosBox


  • Platform


  • Game hunters' rating: (3 of 6)
  • Overall: 5.00 (1 vote)
  • Playability: 5.00 (1 vote)
  • Idea: 2.00 (1 vote)
  • Technical: 5.00 (1 vote)
  • Graphics: 4.00 (1 vote)
  • Music: 2.00 (1 vote)
  • Extras: 1.00 (1 vote)
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Discussion on our forums on 4D Prince of Persia

  • eMTe :
    And there are more remakes if you read carefully... Looking for downloads atm...

    edit: always forget to be are other remakes mentioned: ... b658cd7cec

    Actually it's not too hard make your own, even without programming knowledge. Links to special editors can be found on the above site.

    edit2: above means the one in my previous post...I wrote it before first edit.

    Made total mess of my post. D'oh!

  • Pater Alf :
    Thank you for the link. There's lots of stuff you can use when you are stuck in this game (especially the maps)...
  • eMTe :
    Everything You Wanted to Know About 4D Prince of Persia But Were Afraid to Ask.

    Some potions are not accessible. :?

  • Chroelle :
    Of course I did mean graphics design :D My bad :rolleyes:

    I think we will have to go with general consensus on this one and agree that it MUST be freeware.

  • eMTe :
    I think Chrolle meant GRAPHICS design. ;)

    Will check the potions tonight, but I can bet they're just cleverly hidden. You know that you can reveal holes in ceilings by jumping up while standing (in original PoP too)?

  • Pater Alf :
    BTW, it doesn't have the same level design than the original game (Chroelle said so in his first post), but everything else is exactly the same...

    I really enjoyed this game, but I have one question: Does anybody know how many big potions you can gain in level 1? When you explore the whole level you can see several of them (4-5 I think) but there was only a single one I could reach. Are the other potions just a fake?

  • eMTe :
    Were looking for the license some weeks ago as I wanted to submit it, but wasnt sure if it's abandonware or freeware, so I gave up.

    Anyway, great game, but difficulty level is much higher than in original, so beware.

  • Chroelle :
    Well I think all of us remember Prince of persia. This is a remake of it. It has the same level-design and looks precisely like the old gem. ... gameid=103

    Downloadsize: Less than a MB

    Developer: Kirill Terebilov

    Year: 1994

    License: Is most likely freeware, but I cannot find it anywhere...

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  • Pater Alf :
    Maybe this site can help you?

  • Anonymous :
    "The level 11 doesn't work :-(. The button that open the exit door don't work for me" Same for me. The patch not helps.
  • Anonymous :
    Level 11 doesn't work. The exit door opening not works (nothing happens when staying on the opening button).

    (pop1totalpack, levels.dat patched from

  • Zyx :
    Hi, modern versions of Windows can give the NTVDM error, and the workaround is to install and use DOSBox to play the game. This game is so old that it's not supported by the latest version of Windows anymore.
  • Anonymous :
    my sys is giving an error whilee running thiss plzz help
    the NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
    choose 'close' to terminate the application

  • Pater Alf :
    Please download the patch and try if it works then.
  • Anonymous :
    The level 11 doesn't work :-(. The button that open the exit door don't work for me. Rare. Help :-(
  • Zyx :
    Hi, thanks for pointing that out. The patch download is now fixed!
  • Anonymous :
    Patch file kirill.dat cannot be downloaded.

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