TAGAP - The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins (2007)

by Penguin Development Team

Not so long time ago certain military supplier succeeded to connect living brain into a computer. This was done with the aid of doctor Glowenko's designdrug, TAGAP (Tissue-Augmenting, Green, Addictive Pill). Glowenko then went crazy and decided stake on the world with an army of cybernetic PENGUINS!

One of the penguins, codenamed Pablo the penguin, wasn't pleased of being used in "mad scientist" act and revolted against Glowenko, who soon decided to put a TAGAP-price on Pablo's head and sent his penguin army - led by fearsome Pedro the penguin - after him.

Welcome to TAGAP - You are Pablo!

Kill everything and locate the exit. Keep doing this until you face the big boss and nail it to win the game. Simple, huh? Now try it while being chased by dozens of murderous penguins, dodging the attacks of electric security gone berserk and from time to time ending up fighting with Pedro the penguin. (description taken from the manual)

This game is great fun, has very nice graphics, animations and sound effects. The penguins seem to move a bit slowly, but when there are dozens of them chasing at you, it will be surely appreciated.

There are several different weapons to collect during the game and all of them have different positive and negative effects when you use them and some of them can also be used for different purposes (like the plasma gun that can create a shield).

But best part of the game is the idea and the story. It's full of sick and funny stuff like drug abusing penguins (just look at special effects when Pablo consumes to much drugs and suffers from an overdose - it's a great homage to "Matrix"), zombie penguins and Penguinators.

"TAGAP" comes along with an editor and two detailed manuals (one for playing and one for editing/scripting).



  • Game license: Freeware
  • Game hunter: Pater Alf
  • Game proposer: Pater Alf
  • Download count: 8303
  • Platforms:
    • Windows 98
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows 7/Vista
  • System requirements:
    Video: 64 MB
    DirectX 9.0 or higher
    Processor speed: 1000 MHz
    RAM: 256 MB


  • Platform
  • 3D Action


  • Game hunters' rating: (3 of 6)
  • Overall: 5.50 (2 votes)
  • Playability: 5.00 (1 vote)
  • Idea: 6.00 (1 vote)
  • Technical: 5.00 (1 vote)
  • Graphics: 6.00 (1 vote)
  • Music: 5.00 (1 vote)
  • Extras: 5.00 (1 vote)
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Discussion on our forums on TAGAP - The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins

  • Pater Alf :
    Once again there is a new version (the final one) and as always you can find it (the whole version as well as the update file) on CWF:

    * [FIX] All sounds are handled in software (fixes jittery playback on some sound cards)
    * [FIX] Fixed bug of 'Collector' achievement not being unlocked in certain situations
    * [+] 64 bit version for use in 64 bit Vista now shipped in update and main game
    * [+] Optimized graphics memory clean-up system
    * [+] New, improved multithreading model
    * [+] Several optimizations to reduce memory usage
    * [+] Upgraded FMOD engine to version 4.30.19
    * [+] Built with upgraded DirectX SDK (June 2010)
    * [+] Installer and Updater upgraded to NSIS v2.46

  • Pater Alf :
    "TAGAP" has been updated to version 1.7.

    The new version contains a new difficulty setting (an easy one) and the very first screenshots of the the upcoming sequel "TAGAP 2" (the screenshots can be unlocked by completing the game).

    Here's a full overview about what's new:

    * [FIX] Completely re-debugged, fixing several could-be-problems
    * [FIX] Better windows init, removing driver-specific startup crash bug
    * [FIX] Improved and better debugged legacy Windows compatibility
    * [FIX] Help menu documents can be scrolled with mouse wheel again
    * [FIX] Fixed a couple Jukebox typos
    * [+] New easier difficulty setting "Casual"
    * [+] Changed the difficulty names and descriptions to be more accurate
    * [+] First ever TAGAP 2 screenshots available through extra content menu
    * [+] Sentry mode of minigun stays put instead of rolling forward
    * [+] Built and debugged with Visual C++ 2008 SE (instead of VC++ 2005)
    * [+] Upgraded FMOD engine to version 4.16.03
    * [+] Built with upgraded DirectX SDK (June 2008)
    * [+] Installer and Updater upgraded to NSIS v2.37 and Modern UI 2

    As always you can find the new file, as well as an upgrade to version 1.7 and a compability patch for Windows 98/ME on our downloadpage: ... gameid=116

  • Pater Alf :
    "TAGAP" is updated to version 1.6.

    New in version v1.6:
    * [FIX] : XInput separately verified, fixing the xinput1_3.dll error
    * [+] Faster flying controls in promo shoot mode
    * [+] Upgraded FMOD engine to version 4.10.05

    In previous version TAGAP didn't verify XInput's existence or version, as it's documentation stated it's part of the DX 9.0c. However, since XInput was introduced and upgraded after the initial 9.0c release, there were installation packages available that didn't ship with all XInput files, resulting an instant crash. Now that we were aware of the issue, it's fixed; XInput is verified before loading - if it's not available, it won't be referred to, resulting what a smooth ride. Flippers crossed :D

    You can find the new file as well as an patch to upgrade to version 1.6 on our downloadpage: ... gameid=116

  • Pater Alf :
    I think kids shouldn't play this game at all. All this brutality and violence against cute little penguins... :mrgreen:

    "TAGAP" is updated to version 1.5.

    New in version v1.5:
    * [FIX] : Very rare occasion of custom sprite flipping not appearing properly
    * [FIX] : Re-built backwards compatibility (NOTE: separate download)
    * [+] Support for XInput gamepads ( i.e. Xbox 360 controller)
    * [+] Updated The Developer's Handbook with the new gamepad related CVars
    * [+] Upgraded FMOD engine to version 4.10.02
    * [+] Built with upgraded DirectX SDK (November 2007)

    Using XInput requires Windows XP SP 1 or Windows Vista. Backwards compatibility patch has been rebuilt with legacy SDKs to ensure better compatibility, but like before, it's unsupported patch and offered "as is" due to popular demand.

    As always you can find the new file, as well as an upgrade to version 1.5 and a compability patch for Windows 98/ME on our downloadpage: ... gameid=116

  • Chroelle :
    Easy-modes should be so easy that kids can get more or less unharmed through the first level... Especially if you have more than 3 difficulty modes to choose from. Easy...means easy! I actually got my very first game over starting level 2.... Thank god for continues. I got a good deal further, but had to quit early in the game because I had to go shopping, but I will propably pick up this game at a later time, since it is indeed good gameplay, and a great story. I think the graphics were awesome, but I think it is annoying how you slip easily from platforms... I think that is a flaw.
  • Scythe :
    I know penguins live on ice, but does that mean they have to slide all the time? I possibly understand a lot of the design decisions, like walking slowly with ten enemies coming at you, reloading every three seconds with the standard weapon, jumping imprecisely... these decisions just didn't agree with me. Let me be blunt. I was bored. The controls work against the game, not with it. They put an artificial obstacle into a game that should rely on its gameplay to be challenging. Struggling with something as simple as jumping onto a platform turns me off.
  • Pater Alf :
    "TAGAP" is updated to version 1.4.

    New in "TAGAP" v1.4:

    * [FIX] : Minor very specific custom effect particle glitch
    * [+] Backwards compatibility for Windows 98/ME/2000 (NOTE: separate download)
    * [+] FMOD start-up sequence is updated to follow revised initialization guidelines
    * [+] Upgraded FMOD engine to version 4.08.04

    You can find the new file, as well as an upgrade to version 1.4 and a compability patch for Windows 98/ME on our downloadpage: ... gameid=116

  • Pater Alf :
    "TAGAP" is updated to Version 1.3.

    New in TAGAP v1.3:

    * [FIX] : Frag counter wasn't reseted properly when loading a saved game
    * [FIX] : Partially incorrect flying movement of entities using weapon slots
    * [+] New music Tag loading routines
    * [+] Upgraded FMOD engine to version 4.06.25

    Version 1.3 can now be found at our downloadpage: ... gameid=116

    If you have already downloaded an older version of the game, there is a patch to upgrade to v1.3 as well...

  • Chroelle :
    I indeed got to play, and I am still planning on playing. The game is hard even on easy -beware of this. But it is FUN! The story is good, and the graphics are top-notch, upper shelf stuff. The weaponry and handling is good and diverse, so all in all you got a good game, with lots of gameplay, hours of fun, and addiction factors like few.
  • Maz :
    Unfortunately I failed to play this on Linux (Fedora Core 5) with Wine :( No time to fire up windows... But I am thinking I probs should do that at some point...

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