Prodigal (2005)

by Benjamin "Trisk" Johnson

If this game wont gross you out or freak you out then you have no terror threshold. This game will throw you twists right and left, leaving you with little grasp of what is really going on.
If you have a friend that utters the words "I saw the end coming a mile off" then do not consider him your friend. If he has not had knowledge of the end before playing the game, then he is simply lying to you.

The game has awesome cutscene-experiences, and when the first stream of blood runs down the screen (See second screenshot) your blood will freeze up and your mind will try to convince you to turn off the game, but don't listen. You are in for a treat.

The developer has been kind enough to supply a walkthrough in the download of this huge game. It is not that the download is huge but the gameplay is long and durable, so you will spend several evenings struggling through this game.

The developer has made several locations which only contains one or two items which have to say a little about how much he likes making the game and how big it is. The wide range of scenarios you will be facing is divided into four acts, and you will enjoy all 4 equally, the the beginning is good and the ending is, as said, mind-blowing and amazing.

Please do yourself a favor and play this game, and then afterwards follow the developers request and write him an email if you like the game. Then go see if Prodigal 2 is done. It has started development early 2007. I can't wait. It has been a while since I had a good screaming nightmare!



  • Game license: Special permission
  • Game hunter: Chroelle
  • Game proposer: eMTe
  • Download count: 1123
  • Platforms:
    • Windows 95
    • Windows 98
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000


  • Point and Click
  • Adventure


  • Game hunters' rating: (2 of 6)
  • Overall: 5.67 (3 votes)
  • Playability: 5.50 (2 votes)
  • Idea: 6.00 (2 votes)
  • Technical: 4.50 (2 votes)
  • Graphics: 4.50 (2 votes)
  • Music: 4.50 (2 votes)
  • Extras: 4.00 (2 votes)
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Discussion on our forums on Prodigal

  • Chroelle :
    I have to tell you why I gave this a topgrade. The story! The ending! The cutscene graphics!
    Reasons I hesitated. The sometimes boring tasks - but then again I thought about how many other games have boring parts, but tasks that are always the same ones. I think this game was original. And original enough to get me to contact the developer and hear him about a sequel. A sequel that is being worked on currently, and we hope to show you pics of it at some point soon.

  • Chroelle :
    Do yourself a favor and complete the game. You will be blown away. :D
    But play this after midnight at your own risk as someone said either here or in validation.

  • Railwaymodeler :
    WOW! Good game! I played this for about an hour and a half last night, before going to bed. I enjoyed it.

    I'm with Pater, I had the eerie feeling that something was going to get me around every corner.

  • Chroelle :
    You can read more about the game here: ... gameid=129
    and of course download it if you are not the developer. :D

    (I am not saying that the developer can't download it - I am just pretty sure he already has it on his PC.)

  • Pater Alf :
    What I really like about your game is the thrilling atmosphere. I played "Prodigal" mostly during night hours and I was really scared at some places. Especially in the beginning of the game when you arrive at the cottage in the woods, I had the feeling something terrible is hiding behind every corner, just waiting to get me. The same feeling was there at the end of the game, which was in fact the best part of it (regarding story and atmosphere).
    I also liked the music and sounds (which underlined the spooky atmosphere) and the graphics of the cutscenes.

    There are also some things that I disliked. In some places it is not clear where your character can go. For example I missed the dining room of the cabin at first, because there was no visible clue that there was another room. Regarding the story there were a few lengths in the middle part of the game. I wouldn't say it was boring, but it sure wasn't as good as the beginning and the end. And some puzzles (like the key you have to find in the sea) were a bit too much pixle hunt for my taste.

    But after all "Prodigal" is was a very good game. Well done! I'm really looking forward to the sequel.

  • Trisk :
    Wheee! My game! Lemme know what you all think!

    I'd offer help if you get stuck, too...but I included a walkthrough with the game, so you shouldn't need it. :)



  • Chroelle :
    Truely a top game if you ask me. The story is new and intelligent. It seems to start off as just another run of the mill storyline but changes into something smarter and more twisted than most peoples nerves can handle. A great game with an amazing story to say the least.
    Music and sound effects in the game play a big role as you get spooked from sound one, and everafter.
    The end you wont see coming a mile away, and you will be happy you got through this long game, but cant wait to start up on the sequel. I can comfort you by telling that I read on the developers site that the sequel was started early 2007, so it will get there.
    I can also tell you that I am currently writing an email for the developer telling him how much I appreciated the game.

  • eMTe :
    First impression. Plays like mixture of Escape from Delirium (graphics), Shadow of The Comet (occult themes), Alone in the Dark and Twin Peaks (atmosphere). Puzzles are a bit on easy side, there are some graphic glitches, but overall this is a very entertaining game.

    One of the best made with Adventure Game Studio ever imho.

    Download: ... gameid=129

    Official Homepage:

    Author: Benjamin "Trisk" Johnson

    Release date: 2005

    P.S.: Don't be mistaken by screenshots, this is traditional third person perspective adventure game.

    P.S.2: Play after midnight at your own risk.


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