Legion Saga II (2001)

by Kamau

The sequel to "Legion Saga" picks up where its prequel ended. Meluvet and Garalas are finally restored to peace and are united as the Twin Empires under the guidance of Ridman. Nastra stands on the border of Krisdea where he tried to find refuge. However there are someone on his trail, and they will not helm until he is dead. Nastra soon finds friends in Krisdea - friends that will help him towards fulfilling his fate, that will affect thousands of people in the countries surrounding them.

The story leads you through various cities, locations and battle scenes bigger and better than seen in the first installment.
The gameplay has been upped a bit and thus it is possible to play for hours on end. I (Chroelle) ended after 10+ hours of gameplay - but that is not a rushing through, but more of a investigating everything kind of play-through.

It is however recommended that you play the first game before diving into this one as there are times where the plot is referring strongly to the prequel and it is nice to know what is meant - especially since your choices can have great effect on how your game plays or ends.

After playing this through do yourself the favor and finish off the experience with Legion Saga III to get a full ending on the saga.

The "Legion Saga" games are clearly inspired by the "Suikoden" series, which means that you will have a ton of recruitable characters, one-on-one rock-paper-scissor duels, army battles, multiple endings based on how many characters you manage to recruit and a bunch of missable stuff.

The download also includes the RTP files you need for playing games that are made with the RPGmaker 2000.



  • Game license: Special permission
  • Game hunter: Pater Alf
  • Game proposer: Scythe
  • Download count: 4985
  • Platforms:
    • Windows 95
    • Windows 98
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows 7/Vista


  • RPG


  • Game hunters' rating: (0 of 6)
  • Overall: 4.00 (1 vote)
  • Playability: 5.00 (1 vote)
  • Idea: 3.00 (1 vote)
  • Technical: 4.00 (1 vote)
  • Graphics: 4.00 (1 vote)
  • Music: 4.00 (1 vote)
  • Extras: 2.00 (1 vote)
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Discussion on our forums on Legion Saga II

  • Pater Alf :
    The game has been added to CWF's database. You can download Legion Saga II from our game info page (and I hope it will be as popular as Legion Saga I): ... gameid=250

  • Pater Alf :
    I was quite entertained by the "Legion Saga II" too. Just because of the whole amount of playable characters it's clear that you'll always find some that you like and want to level up.

    Game is longer than "Legion Saga I", but still not very long (think I finished it in about 5-6 hours and I did a lot of extra fighting to level up all characters) compared to really long RPGMaker games like "Ahriman's Prophecy" or "Last Scenario".

    Weak point of the game are the dialogues and the character design. Some characters that appeared in "Legion Saga I" as well acted totally out of character (i.g. Gertrud or Mr. Yoto). Story is ok, but nothing special (to be honest I liked the story of "Legion Saga I" better), the end of the game was strange.

    After all it was again entertaining and not too time-consuming, but not better than the prequel.

  • Chroelle :
    Well I am gonna comment on this one too after finally playing it to the end. I do believe it was a great game, and I was entertained for the 10+ hours I spent on it. Definetly worth the download!
    I liked the characters, and loved the battlesequences that was with armies. I liked the story and regret not playing the first one, as it sounds like that was even better. I think it was easy to get into the game having not played the first in the series, but it also gave me the desire to play it.
    OVerall a good game, that I think ended in an ok manner, at least I thought so after playing the III as well.

  • Pater Alf :
    Yes it is! At first I thought you have to use them during fights to upgrade your weapon for a certain number of turns. But instead you can use them any time in the game and your weapon will be upgraded permanently. It was a bit hard to figure it out, because there is no statistic about your weapon in the game (which means you can't see on which level it is).
  • Scythe :
    Traditionally, in Suikoden, hammers are used to upgrade your weapons (by a smith). I don't honestly remember if that is the case in LSII.
  • Pater Alf :
    Can anybody explain me what the hammers are good for? I really didn't understand it from the description in the game... :wondering:
  • Pater Alf :
    Here's a download link for all of you that don't have access to our FTP server.

    Legion Saga I
    Legion Saga II

  • Scythe :
    Sequel to (drum roll) Legion Saga, also made in RPGMaker 2000. This one is the one preferred by most.

    Get it: Link is dead, I'll try to upload to server.

    Author: Kamau

    Status: Freeware AFAIK. Can be found on most RPGMk2K sites. But author can be contacted, if his email isn't out of date.

    Description: The Midland Wars are over. The warring nations Meluvet and Garalas are finally restored to peace and are united as the Twin Empires under the guidance of Ridman.

    However, across the Gemini Ocean to the north-west lie the nations of Krisdea and Veramonde, both boasting impressive armies and riches, both oppressed by fearful leaders. The people of Krisdea are unhappy with their once-benevolant Council which has recently turned sour and a faction known as the Liberation Army has arisen in the western region of the country. Across the border in Veramonde, the reign of the dictator Granstem has finally come to an end as he fell to the blade of a young warrior named Nastra.

    Nastra flees north to seek refuge in Krisdea. Little does he know that he is about to get caught up in an adventure that will change the lives of thousands as he is forced to accept the difficult burdens of fate.


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