Fish Tales (2005)


Sunny is just a tiny fish in a giant ocean. There's nearly no chance that he will survive in such a treacherous environment with all these big fish around. So he has to start to eat as many small fish as possible to grow bigger and become the strongest fish in the sea himself and finally defeat the evil shark king and find the great treasure.

"Fish Tales" is an arcade game with excellent graphics and an amazing soundtrack. It can be controlled with keyboard or mouse and especially the mouse control is very tight, so Sunny instantly reacts to your commands. There are more than 50 levels, several power-ups and obstacles and as a bonus there is a relax mode (that turns your monitor into a virtual aquarium).

The game is very colurful and absolutely non-violent and it can be recommended to the whole family without any reservations.

Technical note: The game will try to connect to the homepage of everytime you quit playing.



  • Game license: Special permission
  • Game hunter: Pater Alf
  • Game proposer: Pater Alf
  • Download count: 263
  • Platforms:
    • Windows 98
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000


  • Arcade


  • Game hunters' rating: (3 of 6)
  • Overall: 4.00 (1 vote)
  • Playability: 4.00 (1 vote)
  • Idea: 3.00 (1 vote)
  • Technical: 5.00 (1 vote)
  • Graphics: 5.00 (1 vote)
  • Music: 5.00 (1 vote)
  • Extras: 3.00 (1 vote)
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Discussion on our forums on Fish Tales

  • Pater Alf :
    The game has finally been added to CWF's database. You can download Fish Tales from our game info page. Go and catch some fish! ... gameid=312

  • Chroelle :
    Indeed entertaining. I will propably return to this game from time to time as a break from chores. And the relax mode might be cool to have running when the computer is on standby (at least from me).
  • Pater Alf :
    Back to topic, let's say something about the game:

    Very entertaining though very relaxing. A great game for kids as well as for adults. Graphics and music are excellent and controlling with the mouse is nearly perfect.

    There are lots of levels with increasing difficulty (game even branches at one point) and nice variety in gameplay, because of new features in nearly every level.

    And last but not least there is even a relax mode for those who like to have an aquarium on their screen.

  • Pater Alf :
    Yes! And as long as they make such nice games (and the setup files are clean), I can live with being redirected to their homepage.
  • Scythe :
    Browser jacking is still rude. But the game is good.
  • Chroelle :
    I think we reassesed our oppinion of Gametop when they gave us permission to host the games on their sites :)
  • Scythe :
    Not to mention evil browserjacking tactics. Gametop is just.... rude.
  • Pater Alf :
    Feel free to obtain permission by Gametop.

    I wrote them two mails and they didn't even answer. This and the fact that there was rumour about adware/Spyware coming with Gametop games made us use the copyright icon for this game....

  • eMTe :
    Is there any info about copyright in folder? I know gametop PROBABLY WILL NOT allow anyone hosting their games, but it doesnt mean we cant host it in future.

    I'm curious about this copyright icon, because the only hint on gametop's games status i have is lack of their answer to my mail. 8)

  • Scythe :
    This game looks a lot like Feeding Frenzy: ... eview.html

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