Iffermoon (2008)

by Scottgames

The story as follows (from creator's own description):

"The day the Iffermoon crashed, the world changed forever.

Your name is Silence, a young creature of unknown origin who finds himself in the Kingdom of Dinost, an ancient land filled with life and mystery. The inhabitants there have been at war with a creature called Cosmose since the day he emerged from a mechanical menace called the Iffermoon. The Iffermoon's origins are shrouded in controversy, but it's said that it once brought life to the planet. After the crash however, that all changed. Now all life in Dinost is in danger of not just being destroyed, but being reprogrammed.

In Iffermoon, you will explore your new world and meet many unique characters who will be willing to join your party and help you on your quest to defeat Cosmose."

Iffermoon is a 2d side-scrolling, real-time RPG, similar in gameplay to games like The Spirit Engine. Apart from standard RPG features there are also three minigames to play and hard mode to unlock. Game is saved automatically every time you leave the screen, leave a battle or quit the game.

Refer to manual for help with battle system, levelling your party and using tokens.



  • Game license: Freeware
  • Game hunter: eMTe
  • Game proposer: eMTe
  • Download count: 508
  • Platforms:
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000


  • RPG


  • Game hunters' rating: (4 of 6)
  • Overall: No votes
  • Playability: No votes
  • Idea: No votes
  • Technical: No votes
  • Graphics: No votes
  • Music: No votes
  • Extras: No votes
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Discussion on our forums on Iffermoon

  • eMTe :
    Almost forgot. Now you can play Iffermoon downloaded from CWF, not from all these cra... *cough* other sites. Yay! :D ... gameid=319

  • Chroelle :
    I know what at least one of the orbs is for, and you might have a chance at that. The one with the Piper-mission. Let me know if you want some spoiler info.
  • Drasir-Vel :

    Well, i don't know if i have completed it completely. But it said that "the orb of completion has been lit up". And there are three more orbs down there so i think you can get really much time to go on this.
    And about the insane damage strategy. It really is effective. When the tazerpod bonus skill is all up at 100, the tazerpod damages around 125 per shot. And when you use the lightning attack enhancing tele, it goes up around 200 er shot. Then you can upgrade the dimension damage bonus skill, and it can get up to around 300 per shot. Combine that with the fact that you can summon 5 tazerpods right from the start with Dojo. Then you'll be able damage around 1000 per second!


  • Chroelle :
    Cool. Does this mean you completed the game by now?
    I am going to try out that strategy as soon as I can. Possibly tomorrow and see if I can make it work. My 4 first chars are levels: 26, 25, 15 & 15. So I hope to get this done. I never thought about that particular twist you gave to my idea.

  • Drasir-Vel :
    I actually found out myself, after trying again :)
    I use Kings Lore to get instant charge point, and set all to defensive stance, and then i send a lot of tinkertops. When there's many tinkertups, i use the tinkertop stun. This makes him not able to heal and charge by himself for a while. The reason i set them to defensive mode was so that they hit him at least as possiple, since he gets healed by that. He loses health by himself. It is actually possible since i won. But i was also in level 21 at that time.
    After that you get to fight him again, but where he's stronger. The only difference is that now you can damage him. But i still use the tinkertop stun so that he can't heal by himself. Then i also use the strategy of having a lot of tazerpods, (Dojo's special skill instantly summons 5 tazerpods), and having 100 in tazerpod damage in the bonus party skills, and then using the lightning area tele skill (2nd highest tele skill). This way all bosses are destroyed within seconds!

    Oh, by the way, i use Warp 10 (highest time skill) to charge faster


  • Chroelle :
    I am stuck in the same place, but I got an idea from the developer, and some from myself.

    From developer:
    Try playing the Taboli RPG to get each characters signature special weapon.

    From me:
    USe wind attacks that deplete the charge meter of him, and slow it down as well with time attacks like crawl and full stop or what its called. He only heals when you attack him and when his meter gets full, so avoid dong these things. Only attack with wind.

    I hope it helps.

  • Drasir-Vel :
    I'm almost finished with the game, but now i'm stuck. Maybe i could get a little help as to what to do. It's a bit spoilerish so i mark it white

    I am at the point where i'm outside the castle, and Dinandus is dead/ hurt or whatever. I've tried fighting the half-transparent boss to the left but he doesn't seem to take any damage. Every time i hit him, he gets healed instead. I suspect that i should go somewhere else, but i've been everywhere and can't get any further.

    This game is seriusly made by someone with a wicked imagination, and too much free time for 3D modelling :)

  • Drasir-Vel :
    Oh. man.. I mean 4 out of 6. People know what that mean. :)
  • Chroelle :
    One of my new favourite games in here (though when completed I propably wont play it again).
    Scottgames once more fills you with awe with his amazing graphical skills. The game looks amazing, and every aspect of it is well thought out, with lots of detail and followthrough. The minigames is a welcome bonus, which adds about 3 hours more of gameplay to a game that already passed 15+ hours with me. I would say that the majority of them would be accepted at CWF as a stand-alone game.
    Some issues with repetivity but that has more to do with the genre in whole and not Iffermoon specifically.
    I am fighting to complete this game, as it has multiple twists near the end, you get to a place where you think you are done, and then it throws you a curveball, and makes a twist that fits the whole thing perfectly.
    There are so many features in this game that makes it a pure gem, that I can't help but wonder why I didn't pay for this!

  • Scythe :
    Even one of the minigames alone makes it good for a 4-rating.

    Sorry, a what? ;)

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