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A guide for Stranded II by Chroelle on 02.11.2009

This guide has a more elaborate version as a download via the game info page. More illustrations but same text.

Game guide for Stranded 2

This guide was made after countless encounters with requests for help from different gamers on various sites.
The guide was made for my own site and is the property of CWF.
You will be granted to host it if you contact me first via or via the forums on CWF. My username is Chroelle.
The games official site is to be found here:

Game info
Stranded 2 is the sequel to Stranded 1 (duh) and a good example of how you can expand an existing game into something deserving a sequel tag.

You can play it in various modes, and I would like to explain just how things work in this game so it will be easier to figure it out in the game. Some things should be explored on your own, but I will still mention them in here, so you can get on with the game if you are stuck.


The standard controls in the game are the following:
Left-click = Action
Right-click = Alternate action
Mouse wheel = Scroll down pages or scroll through tools if set as numbers 1-9. (You do this by selecting the tool of choice in your backpack, and then press the use-button in the bottom of the screen.)

E = USE (If you have something in your hand you want to plant then this is it, or if you want to use your storage-building - as examples).
Y= Sleep
Z, X, C= Open user-console where you can flip through the tabs: Character, Backpack and Diary. Open this
^ (key below ESC at least in German keyboards) = brings up the console where you can write “cheat” e.g. for various results. J
0 = Discard of whatever is in your hand.

[b]Items and What to use them for (possible combinations).

For the next chapters the lineup is like this:
The end result (Amount of it) = Combine the following items (name – image – amount).

· Hammer
1 = Branch 1 Stone 1
· Fishing Rod
1 = Bendable Branch 1 Cord 1
· Axe
1 = Branch 1 Iron 1 Hammer 1
· Spade
1 = Branch 1 Iron 1 Hammer 1
· Pickaxe
1 = Branch 1 Iron Bar 1 Hammer 1
· Scythe
1 = Branch 1 Iron Bar 1 Hammer 1
· Net
1 = Branch 1 Cord 10
· Tent
1 = Branch 10 Skin 10
· Spear
1 = Branch 1 Stone 1
· Bow
1 = Bendable Branch 1 Cord 1
· Slingshot
1 = Branch 1 Vine 1
· Goldbow
1 = Gold Nugget 10 Cord 1 Hammer 1
· Longbow
1 = Bendable Branch 3 Cord 3 Machete 1
· Machete
1 = Branch 1 Iron 1 Hammer 1
· Arbalest
1 = Branch 1 Ironbar 1 Cord 1 Ironbolt 1 hammer
· Wooden Arrows
1 = Branch 1 Feather 1
· Arrows
1 = Branch 1 Feather 1 Pebbles 1
· Bolts
5 = Branch 1 Machete 1
· Bolts
5 = Bendable Branch 1 Machete 1
· Bolts
5 = Bamboo 1 Machete 1
· Iron Bolts
20 = Ironbar 1 Hammer 1
· Poison Arrow
1 = Branch 1 Feather 1 Poison 1
· Fire Arrow
1 = Branch 1 Feather 1 Wool 1
· Health potion
1 = Strong Healherb 1 Water 1 Stone 1
· Health potion
1 = Healherb 3 Water 1 Stone 1
· Health potion
1 = Goldherb 5 Water 1 Stone 1
· Poison
1 = Bitterroot 5 Fungus 1 Water 1 Stone 1
· Wine
1 =Grapes 30 Stone 1
· Juice
1 =Berries 30 Stone 1
· Water
1 =Leaf 30 Stone 1
· Speed Potion
1 =Cacaofruit 1 Coffee Fruits 1 Stone
· Bendable Branch
1 =Branch 1 Water 1 You can use spring water instead of bottled water. Just use the branch with the stones with water in them.
· Flour
1 =Grain 9 Stone 1
· Paste/Dough
1 =Flour 1 Water 1
· Iron Bar
1 =Iron 1 Hammer 1
· Poison
1 =Toxic Fungus 1 Stone 1
Can also be gotten from scorpions.
· Cacao
1 =Cacao Fruit 1 Stone 1
· Pebbles
1 =Stone 1 Hammer 1
· Chocolate Paste
1 =Paste 1 Cacao 1
· (Make fire)
1 =Bark 1 Branch 1 or use flint stones to create fire, if you find one.
· (Make splint)
1 =Branch 1 Vine
· (Make splint)
1 =Iron bar 1 Vine 1
· (Make bind)
1 =Leaf 1 Vine 1
· (Make bind)
1 =Skin 1 Vine 1
I got the list from so a big thanks for making an initial guide which helped me get the hang of the game. You can get a list of the items yourself by choosing some of the files from your Stranded 2 game folder.
/mods/stranded II/sys/ and now choose the file you wish to know more about and open it with a text editor like notepad.

There are lots of items in the game that cannot be used. Seaweed is a good example.
I will try to make a list of the items here:

Other items might not have such a clear use like slime. Slime can be eaten to keep that hunger away. Insect parts are good for fishing, and so on.

Skills take a long time to build up but it is well worth building them up to at least level 3 each, so you get some gains from it.
Digging (increases when you dig)
25 - Scooping
You do not aimlessly poke around in the ground anymore but chim it systematically, hereby increasing the chance of findings.

50 - Shovel amateur
More careful digging enables you to find insects and mushrooms.

100 - Shovel adept
Better technique further increases the probability to find something. Plus, from now on you can dig out bitterroots!

200 - Shovel semi-professional
You do not let anything slip anymore. You will always find something when you dig.

500 - Shovel professional
The optimized shovel technique now provides great gains at digging.

- This is how it looks when a skill is upgraded.

Fishing: (Increases whenever you fish)

25 - Rod amateur
There is now a slight chance that you may also catch something at places without fishes.

50 - Rod adept
The probability to catch something has increased. Furthermore, you can now build bow nets that trap fishes automatically.

100 - Rod semi-professional
Thanks to optimized technique, you can catch things anywhere with a high rate of success.

200 - Rod professional
You are now a true master of making and using baits. Therefore you cannot only catch worthless junk anywhere you want, but even big, handsome fish.

500 - Pike-man
Amazing! Your gain at the rod should now be truly satisfying!

Hunting: (Increases whenever you successfully bring an animal down)

25 - Master of the sling
When shooting pebbles with the slingshot, there is now a chance that they stay where they hit the ground and can be reutilized.

50 - Spearman
Spears can now also be picked up again in some cases.

100 - Bowman
Through the right way to shoot arrows, even they may now sometimes remain intact. In addition, you can now construct a stance - a safe place to attack animals from.

200 - Spearmaster
From now on, spears will never be destroyed when thrown and can be used as often as you want.

Planting: (Increases whenever you plant something)

50 - Berry bush planter
You are now able to grow berry bushes from berries.

200 - Herbalist
You have found out how to find the perfect soil to grow herbs and are hereby able to set up herbal beds.

100 - Forester
If you stick branches into the ground, trees will grow there. Moreover, you can now plant leaves to grow bushes.

400 - Master of the fruits
Your skills in herbal lore get better and better! You now have the abilities to plant bananas, plums, coconuts, cacao pods and coffee berries.

800 - Farmer
The sowing of crop seeds takes far less time than before - thanks to optimized proceeding.

Wood Cutting: (Increases whenever you cut down a tree)

25 - Hackling
Logs can now be combined with an axe or a machete to gain 10 branches

50 - Axe amateur
The right way to strike out increases the damage that your axe causes on wood.

100 - Axe adept
You have learned to hit wood in the right angle to cause even more damage.

200 - Axe semi-professional
Your strength an technique have further improved, increasing the damage on wood.

400 - Axe professional
Woodcutting in perfection! By using the optimized technique, you cause maximum damage with your axe.

800 - Butcher of the woods
Attention! Keep in mind that trees are important for the earth's climate - with your skills, you could easily clear-fell all forests of the world.


You can build some very functional buildings on your island by creating a hammer and right-clicking to get a list of currently possible buildings. Then you choose your building and select a construction site for it. As you do so a small area is enclosed and you now have to bring the needed supplies to the construction site. When you have some supplies you should USE the hammer on the site to deliver the goods.
As you build more and various buildings, you can choose from more advanced buildings. The buildings you can build is:
Tent – Can be used to camp away from your camp if you go exploring. A portable shelter.
Fire – A campfire to fry your food by, and give you light.
Torch – To give you light on a route you desire or to light up the outskirts of your campsite.
Fence – For fencing in areas.
Storage - To put stuff in when you cannot carry anymore. Holds some 30 kilos.
Well – For drinking water. Has to be emptied of mud from time to time.
Treehouse – To get up in the trees and out of harms way on the ground.
Hut – Well a more house like shelter.
Stance – A platform for hunting predators, so they cant reach you. Remember to build it in the line of sight of the predators.
Bownet – A fishing net set out to catch fish for the busy fisherman with little time for standing around.
Trap – Catches animals over night for you to eat. However be aware that sometimes it is more harmful animals like scorpions that get caught.
Kiwibreeding (The bird not the fruit) – A human made nesting area for the bird. You get kiwi birds that you can slaughter or talk to on those lonely nights.
Herbal garden – Who doesn’t want a little herbal garden to go with your campsite. You can get various useful herbs by harvesting this area from time to time.
Dugout – A not too stable boat, that however will do the job if you want to go sightseeing offshore or want to fish a bit further out. Mind sharks.
Sailraft – A nice boat for sailing out in. You might think you could sail home in this but guess again.

Good game play ideas.

When you start off your game choose a good site for your game. A brilliant site would be somewhere close to drinking-water, trees, food-sources, rocks, wild game, pretty much in that order.
Drinking water is very important to have nearby as you will go a while before you can produce your own juice to quench the thirst.
Trees are used for so many things that it is a good thing to have a good bunch of them close by as you will chop though a lot of trees during your first half hour of game play.
Food sources speaks for itself. Of course you need food sources. This can be bushes, fruit-trees, fish, animals (not lions and raptors though) and very important corn.
Rocks are used for pebbles which provide ammo early on in the game, and rocks which can be used to create tools, and campsite necessities.
Wild game can be anything from monkeys to birds to sheep and turtles. Sheep provide wool as a by-product so it is nice to have them close by, but they are not on every island, and you can’t expect to find them close to the other things you need. Turtles and monkeys provide meat in good abundances and help you out a lot early on – though turtles take some time to kill off before you get better weapons. Birds provide you with some meat, and also feathers for arrows later on.

First thing you should do is go hunting for corn, as you can very early on plant corn by hitting it for harvesting it, then selecting it in your inventory, and finally looking at the ground and press the E button to plant it. However you should be aware that it is not a good idea to plant too many of them as that will result in a plague of locusts which will destroy your harvest, so keep it under 20.
Further into the game you can plant bushes for berries, and trees for making your own sawmill production. However it takes a while before you get there, so that is why you need trees nearby from the get-go.
Second thing you should do is build a shelter by getting the “ingredients” you need for this and choosing a construction site. You need to make a hammer first, before you can build anything. You should be getting very tired by now, so get some sleep, and don’t mind if you need to sleep before you got a shelter up and running. You can get back on your feet quickly.
Then you should build a bonfire/campfire and make fire, so you can cook your food. This is very useful for getting more out of your food. You can cook meat by selecting it in the inventory, and going near the fire and pressing the E button. Then a progress bar will appear and when the meter is full then your meat is cooked. It won’t take long. Now you got an even more nourishing meal than before.
Now you have a real campsite, and it is getting a lot easier to survive. The corn takes about 3 days to get to the maximum growth that will provide you with 3 units of corn. So you can plant one of them again and still have 2 for using in your meals. So harvest this until you have 9 corn for using and then use it with a rock to get flour. The flour now needs water to turn into dough, and if you have a cocoa tree nearby you can squash the cocoa fruit with a rock too and get cocoa, which you can mix up with your dough to get cocoa dough. Regular dough makes you bread when used with the fire, while cocoa dough makes you cookies. Cookies are sometimes to prefer, as you can eat them one at a time, and thus not waste an entire loaf of bread because you are a little hungry. When you got this running it should be no problem getting food, and now you should consider making some tools. You should make a fishing pole, a hatchet, an axe and a hammer which you already made – you can also make a net for catching insects if you wish. A good little tip/cheat is that, for each butterfly you catch, you can carry 500 grams more in your backpack.
When you have a fishing pole you should find a good site, where bubbles in the surface shows some activity in the water. You can also go out into the water and see for yourself whether there are fish around (do look out for sharks though). When you use your fishing pole with the water a progress bar is shown, and when the meter is full you will be told whether you caught something, and whether what you caught was a fish. Your chance of success can be upped a bit by digging for worms or catching insects first for bait. If you catch fish, then go fry it and either carry it around with you for later consumption or eat it now if you are getting hungry. The food won’t go bad in your backpack!

Your way of living on the island should now be a lot less hectic, since you have food, water and tools to help you out getting by the day. You can now go exploring a bit more on the island. Maybe you want to go looking for iron to make even better tools if you did not find and use some already. Iron can be found near rock-formations as small black lumps next to the rocks. You can hack it off, and then hammer it more for making various items of iron. Some are used for weapons and some are used for ammo.
You should also concentrate on getting your skills up as this will help you in your progress to becoming better at various tasks on the island. Read what the skills do for you to understand fully why you should concentrate on this.

I will help you with a walkthrough through some tips as to what you need to do to progress. Read on:

How to progress in the game. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The first island
On the first island you need to learn how to survive on the island as you are stranded and don’t know the number to the local pizza hut. You need to figure out how to make your living and figure out how you want to build up your game of Stranded 2. I for one like to build up my skills to the maximum before going anywhere along the story, so I can get the enjoyment of building a full camp with all needs covered. Setting up fields of bushes, fruit trees and corn in one area, and building a nearby forest in another area, which wont interfere with my fishing camp or my hunting camp. Finally I normally end up with having lit most of my usual paths by torches so I can move around at night without getting lost. This is Stranded after all and not Lost!

When you feel ready to move on you have to build a Hut (you have to build some other stuff - the storage, campfire and a shelter - before being able to build the hut) to find a lock pick. Maybe you already stumbled onto the crate near the turtle island that you could not smash or open. This is where this handy tool come in. You go over to the crate and open it by using the lock pick on it. The combination is all about trying to get to 10 by pressing left and right in the right order. Use a piece of paper and you will get it quickly by trial and error. Switch between the switches up until 5. When it opens you find a map. This map (when used) leads you to a weird X, where you can use your shovel and dig. A cut scene begins and you are presented to an old pirate captain who wish for you to capture a parrot for him. If you didn’t make a net yet, then this is the time to do it.
Once you have captured the parrot, which isn’t that difficult, then you get some new coordinates – 3 to be precise. When you visit the coordinates, that you can find on the map, then you should dig with a shovel, but prepare for some action on at least one of the dig-sites – near the palm trees. Having succeeded in getting the treasure from all 3 sites you return to the captain. The captain is now ready to leave. A cut scene takes you to the second island.

The second island
Once arrived on the second island which is the pirate captains lair, you look around, but know not what to do. If you ask the captain he will tell you. His ship is wrecked - long story (as always) – and you need to help him repair it. Your first task is to light the 6 torches on the island, but beware once more of hidden dangers. I was attacked just before lighting the two torches at the highest point on the island. Afterwards you return to the captain for more chores.
You are now instructed in two different ways of getting of the island. You can either help him rebuild the lighthouse or repair his boat. No matter what you have to bring him some specific resources –stone or logs. I chose to rebuild the lighthouse, and bring him stones so I do not know if the plot changes if you decide to help with the boat.
You have to be careful round the shipwreck as there are two scorpions lying around. If you should get stung and poisoned, then there is a health potion hidden in the wreck.
The captain told me to get a rest before we would continue, and I decided to spend the rest of the day cutting down trees and digging to get my skills up. When I finally got tired enough I laid down to sleep.
When I woke up the captain had of course left. He had however left a message on the jetty – but beware. The sound you hear when going onto the jetty should give you a clue as to what will happen. After getting the message out you are told of a map behind the hut, with a riddle on it. Read the riddle – if you don’t want to figure it out yourself, then drag your mouse over the next paragraph and color the text in another color to reveal the solution:
SPOILER- The stones at the top of the island is where you want to search. Look for flat stones. And when standing on one of them press USE to get a new clue. Place 25 children of the sea on the stone – fish are a good example. - SPOILER END.
When you complete the task you are teleported to the third island.

The third island
You land in the middle of a small scale Stonehenge. What to do here? Hm…
Nearby there is a small cave with a fire in front of it. It is on one of the nearest “mountaintops”. You can find a sign there with a message to what might be the pirate captain. Something about never getting off this island if you teleported here. Dang…it seems you are down on your luck. But the sign speaks of 10 magical crystals that can teleport you on from this island. But they are scattered and well guarded.
Well guarded is not lying, since you run into raptors everywhere on the island, and when you kill them they return after a day or so, so you cant expect to kill off the entire raptor population to travel easily. Although … SPOILER (mark the text and color it to reveal solution) – You can shoot down the weird bone-nests that the raptors walk around to make sure they don’t respawn. - SPOILER END
If you did not make the arbalest yet, then you might have a hard time – but fear not because the best weapon yet is nearby. On another mountaintop nearby you find the golden bow and 300 arrows for it. It does however weigh quite a bit so you might need to get rid of some belongings.
This bow can auto-fire so you can much easier kill off the raptors. However always travel with vine, branches and food, and maybe even a healing potion. This way you can heal yourself if a raptors breaks a bone on you, or if you just need to fill up on health.
If you follow the coastline around you should be able to find most of the crystals as they glow. Don’t mistake them with the orangey plants that also “glow” since they explode in your face and hurt you.
Once you have collected all 10 crystals you can return to the teleport and enter it. Press USE to travel to the fourth island.

The fourth island
Oh no… Having landed on yet another island that isn’t home, you discover that you have lost all your items.
You now have to set up camp pretty fast, and get food and tools and weapons again. Both ends of the island is guarded by lions and there are both flesh-eating plants and spiders around, so beware. Your living wont be as easy as on the first island, but you have learned some skills now that should help you. A good place to set up camp would be on the mountain off the dead. This is the mountain in the middle with some dead trees around. From here you get a good view of some of the island, and you have drinking water nearby.
Your goal is to find out what to do from here. On the island in the one end is also a ganja-growing old grandpa that you can help harvest hemp to learn stuff, and also a native village which is rather hostile and shoots at you with arrows every time you approach. The trick is to help the hippie out and gather 30 hemp leaves for his stash, and he will learn you the native language. After that you want to find the wandering native that is somewhere close to the hippies camp.
The lions that wander near the hippies camp will make your life miserable if you do not kill them off, and destroy the “lionstone” which is the stone near the lions with bones on it. Simply hack away at it with an axe or something until it disappears.
Now life should be easier. An easy way to kill the lions is to shoot them with pebbles from a slingshot and get them to the water, and then jump in and out of the water while shooting them.
When you have learned the native tongue and have confronted the wandering native, you should be able to go into the camp without getting shot. If you talk to the chief/medicine man near the fire he should give you your next mission. This will take a while so do yourself a favor and train your skills when you are simply looking to spend time.
You want to build a storage soon after getting the mission, because the mission involves building up to 5 bownets, planting 10 crops and making 15 bread. The resources alone for doing these things is way more than you can carry – and after scouting the island twice I only found 2 butterflies, so there is no way you can carry much more. Unless you can of course talk to the natives to see if they have a solution to your butterfly problem. You can also use the sailraft at the dock for storage.
You want to wait with building the bownets, since they collapse after some time, and this means building more of them if you take too long. What you should do is, start planting crops to harvest and make flour for the bread. Then you should go find some bananas to do a little trick. Find some monkeys, and throw bananas at them until they start glowing. That means they are tamed, and you can now walk up to them and press USE to give them orders. They give you a variety of choices of resources they can get for you. Make them get you water, since that saves you the trouble of getting 450 leaves and squeezing them. Now concentrate on planting, lumbering, digging, fishing and hunting to get your skills up. I planted more banana palms near the village to get more monkeys to do my bidding. I also planted lots of trees all over the island to get those skills up.
You can go exploring the island if you want to. There are plenty of sights on this one, and lots of new stuff.
When you finally reach the limit of goods that the natives need and you go to the medicine man and talk to him, then you get another mission. This time you need to remove all the seaweed from the bottom of the ocean near the village. This is a rather annoying task, but lots of seaweed later you can go back up to the medicine man and they will start building your boat.
They say it takes 14 sunsets, so you have time to go exploring…
I went and mined some gold near one of the hilltops, and decided to make my own goldenbow but missed it by one goldnugget. I also worked quite a lot on my skills, just to get time passing.
BUT then I found out that there was a better way to spend my time. Go talk to the rest of the tribesmen to see if they have anything to say to you. One has a treasure map which will keep you occupied for some time. One has a hunger for plums which can be found a little further away than the old mans camp coming from the village, and one has lengthy conversational skills.
After doing this I still had 5 days left, so bare in mind that 14 days in this game is a loooong time.
When the boat is finished, another problem occurs of course. There is no fuel on the boat, so you have to do the natives one more favor before they will fill her up. You have to make them 10 … no 15… no 20 joints before the potheads will let you go seawards. Simply go chop down some weed by groovy grandpas tent, and roll it up with some leaves for full effect.
Now go back to the medicine man. Hand him your stash and he will give you permission to board the ship. Walk up to the ship and press USE.

Fifth island
Since you are crap behind a steering wheel you end up crashing into the only cliffs around for miles. You need to fix your boat. For this you need 7 iron (not for golf but for repairs).
I had some iron on me from the previous island so I only lacked 2. They can be found on various spots underwater, so dive in.
When you have found the 7 iron the game comes to a cutscene that follows you home. Home at last you have passed the game. Good work!

Frequently asked questions:
- Are there any cheats for this game?
Yes. If you bring up the console by pressing the key right under the ESC key, then a console will appear. If you write “cheat” there then a list of possible cheats will appear.

- How do I plant corn?
Read the guide here.

- When can I plant bushes?
Read the guide here.

- How do I make logs?
If you hack away at any given tree long enough you will get logs. Beware that they weigh a whole lot and as such you cannot carry very many of them so hack down trees near your construction site.

- How do I build anything?
Read the guide here.

- How do I sleep?
Well the default key on non-German keyboards is “Y” but you can reconfigure it in the options menu. There is also an option in the bottom when you bring up the user console. It is a small button with some Z’s on it.

- I got poisoned – Now what?
Well you need to make a health potion to clear your body of the poison. But hurry. Read here how to make a potion.

- I want to discard of something in my hand. How do I do this?
Press “0“ (The number).

Otherwise I hope you enjoyed my guide, and it was able to save you some aggravations playing this wonderful game. It is definitely one of my favorites, but I am guessing you guessed that since I used so much time creating this guide. If you felt you could use it please drop by the forum on CWF (the top banner is a link) and tell us about your experience with Stranded II.

Money gifts are also welcome :D

Christian “Chroelle” Toft

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