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  • Sep 2014 - Marathon: Aleph One added by eMTe
    Classic Macintosh fps trilogy now available from CWF. For Doom, Dark Forces and Half-Life fans.
  • Jun 2014 - Generally 2 in Kickstarter by Zyx
    The freeware racing game Generally is getting a sequel. The developers are running a
  • Apr 2014 - Jessica Plunkenstein and the Dusseldorf Conspiracy added by eMTe
    Full of absurd humour, bad graphics and challenging puzzles, one of the longest freeware adventure game finally made its way to CWF. Enjoy!
  • Feb 2014 - Sugar Cube added by eMTe
    Colourful puzzle platformer with nice Shibuya-kei music. Family friendly. Enjoy! :D
  • Jan 2014 - Lao's Quest added by eMTe
    After an unexpected yearlong break (why not call it only a temporal slowdown actually?) CWF has new game to offer - fantastic Rick Dangerous-inspired puzzle platformer Lao's Quest. Happy gaming!

Latest world news

  • Dec 2011 - GameSetWatch goes on hiatus by eMTe
    Prominent "independent" gaming blog GameSetWatch went on hiatus - its main editors announced this sad news on 29th November. Reasons were undisclosed. Site will not be updated, but the archives remain, so you can still browse through tons of articles, links, news etc. See the announcement full post below.
  • Nov 2011 - The Humble Voxatron Debut by Zyx
    Yet another one is up. This time The Humble Voxatron Debut started off with just one game, Voxatron but got soon two other games, Blocks That Matter and The Binding of Isaac. All games are...
  • Oct 2011 - New game - Plane Arcade by eMTe
    Something for fans of "flight" games this time, however technically Plane Arcade is not a simulation - just a heavily simplified shooter. Game is entirely in Czech, so it might be a little...
  • Oct 2011 - Say "hello" to Open Sonic by eMTe
    Another game added, this time a tad short, but colourful, open source platformer based on Sonic the Hedgehog universe - Open Sonic. Have a nice play!
  • Oct 2011 - Another game added by eMTe
    If you're a fan of Dizzy series you'll be more than happy to play Dizzy and The Other Side - a game so faithful to the spirit that one might confuse it with a lost gem from 8-bit era. Game was...

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  • Watch out - It's The Blob! by Chroelle
    Here is the CWF-descriptions of the game: You are an alien from a far away world. One day your spaceship crashed into a meteor and you have to land on a planet called the earth. Now you are...
  • Putter up - Interview with a minigolf one-keyer by Chroelle
    Here is the CWF-descriptions of the game: This is a miniature golf game, which entered a competition for 1 key games. This means that the game is only allowed to use one key for the entire...
  • Interview with creator of Dyson by Chroelle
    Here is the CWF-description of the game: Dyson is a realtime strategy with much of the content generated procedurally. Game is constantly updated with new features, so remember to check...
  • Interview with creator of Dirty Split by Chroelle
    Here is the CWF-descriptions of the game: "When a plastic surgeon is found dead in his office, the police is quick to apprehend a main suspect. It's a textbook case - except that the suspect...
  • Interview with creator of Derelict by Chroelle
    Here is the CWF-descriptions of the game - with some editing done by developer: Taken from official manual which describes things best: You can find Derelict here. The game...



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